Jim Jefferies: This Is Me Now

Australian arsehole (and he probably won’t mind being called that) Jim Jefferies is back with a new Netflix special, filmed in his “second home” of London.

He’s an arsehole because he doesn’t give a fuck what you or anyone else thinks. And that’s also what makes him so captivating. In the course of one of his live shows, he is guaranteed to offend every living person at least once.

Yet his skill is in doing it such a way that you can’t really stay angry about it. He’s a master of his trade, and his trade is being a likeable arsehole.

His earlier Netflix specials were among the best stand-up shows ever recorded, no doubt. And running through the set was a strong liberal, left wing vibe that somehow still shines through among the rape, domestic violence and disability jokes. Jokes being the operative word, people.

Perhaps the ‘not giving a fuck’ thing is just a front and Jim really wants you to know he’s a lefty. His Comedy Central series The Jim Jefferies Show is as left wing as it gets, very obviously taking huge inspiration from John Oliver’s brilliant Last Week Tonight.

But whatever, Jefferies is a funny arsehole. And in This Is Me Now, he’s back on top form. His underwhelming 2016 special Freedumb had the feel of a contractual obligation about it, something he touches on very amusingly in This Is Me Now. Essentially, he once signed a £90,000 deal for five specials. For a man of this talent, a terrible fucking deal.

London is very receptive to Jefferies’ takes on Trump, deaf people and circumcision. And when he suggests Brexit could lead to a “one in one out” immigration policy for the UK, he is on fire.

This Is Me Now is everything you’d expect from Jefferies, and it’s an added bonus that he’s at the top of his game.

Sure, his arsehole persona breaks the love-in quite spectacularly when he looks back at an old routine that tackled the hypocrisy of religion in relation to miscarriage. Explaining how he brought an audience member to floods of tears with the routine years ago (you can probably guess how this played out), he wraps up the story with an off colour joke that brings more uncomfortable groans than belly laughs.

That’s Jim Jefferies, ladies and gentlemen. A hilarious, Aussie arsehole.

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