Paradiso, Burlington, Ontario

Eating out in the middle of the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic – risky, right?

Not if you live in Canada, where this shit has been handled with real leadership and impressive buy-in from the vast majority of the public.

With restrictions easing, we can enjoy much of the summer nightlife that a few months ago looked like we’d miss out on thanks to the ‘Rona’. A birthday dinner was the perfect excuse to head downtown and get fed.

We’d booked a patio table at a Scottish-inspired restaurant in Burlington, only to turn up and face a string of disasters. We cut our losses and walked away, looking for somewhere to rescue what was supposed to be a special occasion.

And there it was, Paradiso – a place we’d been told was excellent but not yet had the chance to try. We got what appeared to be the only available outside table, and were instantly made to feel very welcome.

A hungry toddler was thrilled with his pasta, and a celebrating Mrs Gangsta devoured her calamari starter and 12-hour braised short rib. A pickled beetroot and feta salad got me off to a flying start, and the Italian sausage pizza was a real winner.

Great beer and wine (and apple juice for Baby G) put the exclamation point on a brilliant dining experience. Everything about this meal was first class. Paradiso is a jewel in the crown of Burlington’s restaurant offering.

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