Lobster Burger Bar, Toronto

Love lobster? Then why the hell aren’t you at the Lobster Burger Bar right now, dammit?

This place caught the eye of Mrs Gangsta when she saw a blog post featuring some seriously tempting video footage. And when she suggested we check it out for our wedding anniversary, who the hell was I to say no.

Sure, I don’t do seafood – but they make burgers too, so I was sold on the idea. We hopped on the GO Train and made for King Street West, a short walk from Union Station. The restaurant is a little understated from street level, but once you’re inside it’s a quite remarkable place – a sweet bar serving an excellent range of draft beers is the first thing you see, and that’s the best way to get my attention.

The floorspace stretches all the way back through a much bigger area than you’d expect looking at it from outside. And the décor and comfort levels are top quality. It has the feel of a really classy joint, without any pretension or bullshit.

Staff were very sweet, paying lots of attention to Baby Gangsta every time they passed our table. And they were only too happy to help guide my lobster-averse ass through the safe parts of the menu. Wonton nachos with beef? Fuck yes, that’ll do nicely as an appetizer for me.

Mrs G feels the same way about lobster that I do about 1990s rock bands, so she wasn’t holding back. Lobster tacos were her choice to start, and even I have to say they looked incredibly tempting. To drink, she went for a mimosa ($5, what a bargain), while I necked a superb pint of Wayne Gretzky’s 99 Rye Lager.

When the starters arrived, we looked at each other in equal measure excitement and horror. These portions were outrageous. And the main courses of lobster standard and a big-ass cheeseburger arrived right on their tail. We realized we needed more time on our starters so our waiter took the mains back to keep warm.

Again, Mrs G gave her main course top marks, and I can say with no exaggeration that the 10oz AAA Angus beef burger was the best I’d had in a long, long time.

The little guy was mightily impressed with his mac and cheese, which cost just $10 and came with a choice of side, a drink and a brownie for dessert.

Next time – and there will be a next time – we’ll share an appetizer, now that we know what we’re dealing with. The food here is straight-up fantastic, and the staff make it the kind of place you’ll want to tell all your friends about.

Overall, this was a damn-near flawless dining experience that I can’t recommend strongly enough. Get in on this action, you won’t regret it.

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