Proper Twelve Irish Whiskey

As entertaining as Conor McGregor’s antics around the launch of his Proper Twelve whiskey may have been, the hype wasn’t enough to get me rushing out to buy a bottle.

However, with some time having passed and the UFC megastar’s bevvy now more widely available, my curiosity peaked on a recent trip to the LCBO liquor store.

At $40CAD, it isn’t the cheapest option. And alongside big hitters like Jameson – not to mention the superb Canadian offerings like Crown Royal – you need that curiosity to make the leap.

I tried it straight with a few cubes of ice. In terms of flavour, there’s plenty of it. And it certainly has that Irish vibe to it, when I compare it with my admittedly limited experience of whiskey from the Emerald Isle.

It isn’t sweet, although it smells like it will be. Easy to sip and leaving no nasty aftertaste, Proper Twelve is a perfectly acceptable tipple – although it’s probably unlikely to overtake whatever your favourite Irish whiskey happens to be.

But if you’re looking to liven up a party with some buddies while watching people hurt each other in a cage, then why the hell not stay on brand and give this a go.

“What do you mean you don’t drink? I’d say you’re some buzz at parties, ya mad backwards cunt.”

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