Osborne 103 Spanish brandy

Ain’t nothing chill a gangsta out like a brandy and cola – it’s what we ballers call ‘mother’s milk.’

And whenever I visit a new place, I seek out the local brandy and give it a try. I’ve enjoyed Spanish brandy on too many occasions to mention, but I hadn’t ever noticed Osborne 103.

Osborne produce a bog standard brandy called Veterano, and it’s perfectly decent. But strolling through the aisles of Hiperdino in Fuerteventura, I noticed their 103 nestled alongside the Veterano, and priced at €1 more expensive.

Still, €9 for a litre of booze is hardly splashing out. And these crazy Spaniards, they even sell the shit in a plastic bottle…easier to smuggle in your luggage home, right?

So is the 103 better than the Veterano? Yeah, about €1 better. Both are easy-drinking with lots of ice and a cola mixer, and that’s all you’re looking for really.

It’s plenty sweet, with a very light hint of smoke. The colour isn’t as dark as some other brandies and that is reflected in the taste. Even straight, this isn’t going to make you wince.

I know what you’re thinking. How the fuck am I supposed to look all baller pouring the shit from a plastic bottle? Well, I secrete mine into a crystal decanter. Because I’m gangsta…as…fuck.

Is it real crystal? Motherfucker, I don’t know. When my dear gran departed this earth, a baller-ass decanter, tray and shot glasses was my cut of the inheritance. Real crystal or not, I love that shit.

Get your hands on some Osborne 103 and chill the fuck out.

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