The Green Door, Inveraray, Scotland

Death by scone. It’d be a shitty movie plot for sure, but it sure helped break up a drive from Glasgow up to the Scottish Highlands.

Inveraray is a beautiful town, sitting a little beyond the top of the Rest and Be Thankful and featuring a string of cute shops and places to eat.

In need of a good coffee and something for a late breakfast, I tried the Green Door one morning – and it’s now my go-to stop in Inveraray.

Their coffee is great, but really it’s the cakes that set it apart from the crowd. You enter through a strange antiques store or something. I don’t know, I ain’t got no need for fucking teacups.

But just a few steps beyond that is the cafe, and that’s where shit gets real. The scones are outrageous. I bought a fruit scone with my coffee, and I haven’t eaten since. The thing was delicious, and big enough to feed two.

Did I share it with someone? Did I fuck. God damn it, the best scone I’ve ever had.

The selection of cakes and ice cream all look as life-changing as the scones, and I’ll be sure to expand my horizons next time.

Don’t pass by the Green Door if you ever find yourself in Inveraray.

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