Anthony Jeselnik: Fire in the Maternity Ward

It can’t be easy standing on stage pretending to be the biggest prick the world has ever seen. Unless, of course, Anthony Jeselnik isn’t pretending.

The suave stand up delivers brutal punchline after brutal punchline in the manner of a psychotic super-villain – and no topic is off limits.

Dementia, AIDS, dropping babies, and unsolicited dick pics from his dad all make the setlist in this 2019 Netflix special, which offers an hour of Jeselnik at his finest.

He’s the master of making you laugh even when every fibre of your being knows that laughing is the last thing you should be doing.

Much of this material was aired last year, when Jeselnik opened for Chris Rock on his Total Blackout tour. And in the year since, Jeselnik has honed this character expertly.

That character essentially is a fucking wanker who takes pleasure in other people’s misery. His jokes are set up with superb misdirection so that even though you quickly begin to anticipate the grossest punchline you can possibly imagine, it still slams you right in the gut.

If Jeselnik isn’t really a prick, he’s one hell of an actor. Either way, he’s funny as fuck and you ought to get on this Netflix special right away.

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