Jameson Caskmates Stout Edition

I used to start my whisky/whiskey reviews by saying I was far from an expert. But fuck that noise, I’m all you need when it comes to that golden nectar.

So listen up while I tell you all about this new shit from Jameson. On the face of it, the Irish company’s new ‘Caskmates’ range looks like nothing more than a portfolio expansion designed to part dummies from their dough. And seeing as how I’ve been through two bottles of the Stout Edition already, it looks like they got me hook, line and sinker.

The thing is, I don’t even like regular Jameson. I’m told it goes well with a mixer, but I’ve only ever had it straight and not enjoyed it one little bit. So fuck knows why I picked up a bottle of the Caskmates Stout Edition…perhaps it was the £20 introductory price at the Co-op. Seeing it on the shelves for that price, I texted my brother The Whisky Moose and asked what he thought. “Has to be worth a punt at that price,” said the Moose…so I stumped up the cash.

And fuck me sideways, I’m glad I did. This is some smooth, smooth shit. A few blocks of ice and slow sips, and this is a real treat.

So what makes this a Stout Edition? Quite simply, it’s regular Jameson whiskey that’s spent some time maturing in barrels that previously housed stout beer from the Franciscan Well brewery in Cork.

I couldn’t say confidently that I taste stout, but there’s certainly a mildly sweet and chocolatey edge to this whiskey – and that’s just fine by me.

It smells as good as it tastes and it has to be right up there with the easiest-to-drink toots I’ve sampled.

While I’ve previously only given my view on single malt Scotch, I had to shout about this excellent Irish offering. It’s straight up gangsta as fuck.

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