Butchers Steak and Grill, Elderslie, Scotland

Birthdays should involve copious amounts of alcohol and a morning after sense of shame. And a 40th birthday is probably your last chance to really make a complete prick of yourself before the risk of resulting death becomes too great.

Why then am I spending my 40th sipping a fucking non-alcoholic bottle of Becks and speaking very, very quietly? Well, they do say having kids changes everything. And two weeks after the birth of our first child, Mrs Gangsta and I are fully fledged, proper grown ups.

I wouldn’t change it for the world blah blah…but you’re not here to read about that. You want to know if Butchers Steak and Grill in Elderslie, Renfrewshire, is any good. And the short answer is, fuck yes it is. Very good, in fact.

I’d long been a regular at Elderslie Butchers, the nearby shop from which this fantastic restaurant was grown. The quality of the meat on sale there meant that the restaurant would surely boast some class cuts.

Walking through the doors of what was formerly a shit to middling Indian restaurant, it’s clear this place has been given the mother of all makeovers. The first thing you notice is giant slabs of meat hung behind glass…and you’re instantly ravenous.

We called ahead to book and warn the staff that we’d have a little one in tow, and they gave us a nice location where the pram sat without getting in anyone’s way. And fair play to the little guy, he played ball and slept through the whole thing.

For starters, I annihilated the goat’s cheese croquettes – a mighty fine warm up to the meat feast that was to follow. Mrs G had scallops and Stornoway black pudding, and mighty fine it was too.

But we were here for the meat, so let’s get to it. Mrs G’s 10oz fillet steak cooked medium rare looked sexy as hell on the plate, and she reports that it tasted quite spectacular.

I couldn’t resist the lure of the 20oz t-bone, although I went against the menu’s recommendation and asked for it medium. The older I get, the less blood I want in my diet. And the chef totally nailed it. A little bit of pink still on display and a super succulent slice of beef made this one of the most enjoyable steak experiences I’d ever had.

I probably managed to eat 18 of the 20oz, and left most of the delicious ‘triple cooked’ chips behind. Dessert was simply not going to happen, although a coffee to finish off made me at least feel a little naughty…naughtier than that shitty 0% beer anyway.

A word about the staff. They couldn’t have been nicer. Big smiles, very helpful and they paid enough attention to the little guy that we knew they were good people. Also, they didn’t wake him up. Top work.

Butchers Steak and Grill, while not cheap, is way more affordable than some of Glasgow’s so-called elite steakhouses. And there’s no doubt the quality of food on offer is superior to many of its city rivals.

Get some meat!

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