Yiamas Greek Taverna, Glasgow

Bath Street in Glasgow is pretty hip, for the most part. Loads of great bars make it the city centre’s go-to spot at the weekend.

And then there’s the wee, 100 metre stretch of Bath Street – at the Buchanan Street end – that hasn’t yet been given a lick of paint. It’s like a fucking movie set for a post apocalyptic survival film that hasn’t yet been restored once filming came to an end.

That’s where you’ll find Yiamas Greek Taverna, an unremarkable looking joint that I’ve walked (very quickly) past on my way to the sexy part of Bath Street many times, but never even thought about checking out. Shit, maybe I’m not as gangsta as I used to be.

So when Mrs Gangsta said she wanted to go to Yiamas for a special occasion meal, I was surprised. Pleasantly so, when I checked out the menu online and got a load of the prices. This joint is what proper reviewers would called “sensibly priced.” I call it cheap as fuck.

Once inside, a very smiley young waiter shows us to our table in what is a simple but cute little restaurant – every bit as unremarkable as the exterior, but full of happy diners and tempting smells.

We are seated right next to the kitchen where a chef is frantically juggling a hundred pots, and doing a damn fine job of it.

Having been to Greece on holiday a few years ago, we know what we like. Chicken souvlaki gyros were always going to be the main event. Chicken, chips, salad and tzatsiki in a thick pita – this shit is where it’s at. And at just £5.95, you’ll not find a better meal for less than this anywhere in Glasgow.

We also order some tzatsiki with pita and saganaki feta as starters. The saganaki is cooked, hot feta with tomatoes and green peppers on a sizzling platter. Easily one of my favourite starters, and Yiamas do it as well as they do in Greece itself.

As I knock back a third Metaxa brandy and coke, a family of actual Greeks come in and take up the table next to us. They are having the time of their lives, knocking back Greek beer and wolfing down the grub like nobody’s business. If real live Greek folk loving the food in here isn’t a sign that Yiamas make shit hot dishes, I don’t know what is.

We don’t even consider dessert as we’re well and truly stuffed, but I’ve no doubt it’ll have been first class.

The bill? Under £50. I shit you not.

Everything about Yiamas is fantastic – the atmosphere, the decor, the lovely waiting staff, the drinks and the outstanding food.

It might not be in the ‘hip’ part of Bath Street, but Yiamas should be your first port of call if you’re looking for a brilliant meal that won’t break the bank.

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