Green Gates Indian Restaurant, Renfrew, Scotland

We’d ordered takeaway from this place many times, and whenever we went to collect the grub we agreed we should definitely go along for a sit-in meal.

It just looks way classier than a lot of restaurants and the food was always brilliant, so why not make a night of it. Finally, we got our arses in gear and booked a table for a Friday night.

I ordered a pint of Cobra lager and Mrs G kept it tidy with an Appetiser. I have to say, the pint was flat as fuck. But that was the only negative in what was otherwise a fantastic experience.

And it went uphill rapidly as we were brought two small bowls of free lentil soup. Hands down, the best fucking lentil soup I’ve ever had in my life. A little bit spicy and a lot tasty – it was a lovely touch.

Rather than any heavy starters, we shared some poppadoms and spicy onions before the main event.

Being a guy who loves spicy food, I always ask what the hottest thing on the menu is. The waiter told me they could make of the dishes as spicy as I wanted. So I opted for a Lamb Pasanda, having never tried the coconut cream and yogurt dish before. “Make it spicier than normal, but I don’t want to die.” I said.

Mrs G had her usual Chicken Tikka Chasni and we shared a portion of rice and a regular naan bread.

Rather than another flat pint, I had a Bunnahabhain single malt with my main course.

My lamb was absolutely world class. Superbly tender and exactly the right level of spicy. A nice man (the owner, I assumed) came over for a chat and explained that what I had been given was essentially a Lamb Pasanda Madras. We then got into some chat about mutton – how I love it but can’t get it anywhere in Scotland, and he agreed it was a delicious meat that for some reason isn’t eaten in the UK.

The Chasni also won top marks as we looked at each other and agreed this was right up their with the best Indian meals we’d ever had, save for maybe the mutton curries I devoured regularly back home in Durban, South Africa.

There was no way we were gonna manage dessert so we called it quits and went home thoroughly satisfied.

Green Gates is our first choice for Indian cuisine and the sit-in service is a cut above. Hats off to the sweet staff and those bad ass motherfuckers cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

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