Guy & Beard Barbers, Silverburn Glasgow

Getting a haircut is something you have to do, as opposed to something you want to do. Kind of like going to work or paying bills.

At least that’s the way it is for me. Not since my teens have I ever got excited about getting a trim. When a barber asks what I want, I’ve been saying the same shit for years: “Just make it look like I’m normal.”

A friend at work (where I had to be, rather than wanted to be) said her husband liked this new place outside Silverburn shopping centre in Glasgow where barbers work from a shipping container.

It sounded hipster as fuck to me and I forgot all about it, until Mrs Gangsta and I went to Silverburn for some retail therapy. I walked past the Guy & Beard container, which sits outside the entrance nearest the giant Tesco, and thought it actually looked not bad.

I thought I’d give it a go. A nice lady cheerfully welcomed me in and said to take a seat. With two barbers on duty and a few guys waiting in front of me, I was seen inside 30 minutes.

And I can’t lie, the place definitely has a hipster vibe that might normally have me running a mile. But one young dude in the chair had a head of hair that the rest of us can only dream of having, and the bearded barber working his magic was loving having such an impressive blank canvas at his disposal.

The banter, as well as the barber’s obvious skill, made me sit right where I was until it was my turn. When he asked what I wanted, I gave a different answer for the first time in years: “Mate I don’t fucking know, what can you do with this mess?”

In between telling me about his upcoming wedding (which sounded like it’ll be awesome) and me explaining my indifference to haircuts, he did a damn fine job of tarting up my Barnet. I asked if he could recommend a matt, very firm hair product and he sold me a large tin of some Dutch gear called Reuzel for £14. While that cost more than the fucking haircut itself, it really is good – and I’ve tried pretty much every other product out there at some point or other.

Some extra tips to help get the best out of my ageing hair were worth the visit alone and I will most definitely be back.

You might have to wait a little while and you’ll have to suck up the fact that this joint is a hipster magnet…but will you get a good result? Fuck yes. And at my age, I’ll gladly make that deal.

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