Beast Gear Weight Lifting Straps

Ah, the gym. It’s like somewhere you really hate going – only worse.

Still, you gotta try keep your shit in shape, so the struggle goes on.

If there’s anything that can make the gym experience easier, then I’m always open to checking it out. Except roids…I ain’t no juicer, yo.

I recently got my hands on a nifty squat pad that make squats much less uncomfortable. Call me a pussy all you want, I’ll be the pussy without torn up shoulders from that nasty barbell.

So once I reached a ‘plateau’ stage in my deadlifts, I started to wonder whether a cute little pair of gloves would help. They didn’t.

Then I saw guys using these straps. I checked them out online and liked the sound of them, so I splashed out £7.97 for a pair of Beast Gear Weight Lifting Straps from Amazon. And I can happily confirm they really do make a difference.

The theory is that they support your grip, so that you don’t bail out on your deadlift set because your grip gives out.

I was confident that I could keep going if only I could hold on to that damn bar for longer. These straps helped me do that from the very first time I used them.

The Beast Gear straps have a lovely gel-filled effect and they are clearly of very high quality. They seem like they will last for a good long time and they are exceptionally comfortable to wear.

The deadlift plateau has been conquered and I now don’t feel quite as embarrassed about how little I’m lifting.

Well worth what is a pretty small investment.

UPDATE: I originally incorrectly wrote that Beast Gear provided no instructions on how to properly use the straps despite promising to do so on the item’s Amazon listing, and that I had to search YouTube for instructional videos. In fact, my wife ordered these straps for me from her Amazon Prime account…and a perfectly good instructional guide was sent to her via email. So yeah, my bad!


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