The Breeders, Glasgow O2 ABC

Nerves are clearly playing a part on this opening night of The Breeders’ European tour – as Kim Deal seems a little out of sorts early on.

Usually so engaging and often funny, the queen of indie cool takes a while to hit her stride, tinkering with her amp and guitar a little too long between songs and saying less than usual to the audience.

But, if anything, that hint of fallibility actually adds to her appeal. Few people are as cool as Kim Deal. Not only does she front one great band in The Breeders, she was also in the Pixies for fuck sake.

Tonight The Breeders bravely start with a ‘cover’ of I Am Decided by The Amps – another brilliant band that Deal and her sister Kelley led so well.

A few more songs from the sole Amps album Pacer get an airing in Glasgow, along with hot new single Wait In The Car.

But, naturally, my fellow 30-somethings and middle agers in the sold-out ABC get most excited by the offerings from Last Splash, with No Aloha particularly sounding as luscious as it ever has live.

On a personal note, I was disappointed that only one track from the fabulous Title TK made the setlist. Off You is beautifully depressing and gives Kim so much room to show off that gorgeously haunting voice.

Perhaps Title TK and its follow-up Mountain Battles were largely ignored because they were made without classic lineup members Jim Macpherson and Josephine Wiggs – who are back in the fold of late and seemingly thoroughly enjoying the experience.

When Kim takes the bass from Wiggs, the more nerdy fans among us realise her Pixies standout Gigantic is about to be unleashed and it gets a predictably raucous reception underneath surely the biggest disco glitter ball in the world, hanging imposingly from the ABC’s ceiling.

By the time The Breeders wave goodbye, any nerves have been banished and it’s business as usual from one of the finest indie rock bands America has ever produced.

A small fortune spent at the merch stall – including a wicked 7-inch vinyl of Wait In The Car – should be proof enough that this was a gig that will live long in the memory of at least this Deal disciple.

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