Aquapark Budva, Montenegro

Montenegro in the summer is hot as hell, so a trip to the waterpark was just the ticket – even for my old ass.

We turned up around noon and intended to pay for two half-day tickets as advertised in local tourist guide booklets…only to be told that would only be possible after 3pm. So, it’s worth bearing that in mind if you want to go for a half-day.

After paying the full price, we were given our wristbands and went in. Nobody told us where the lockers were, so we walked all the way to the top of the park and when we couldn’t see any lockers, we asked a member of staff and were told the lockers were back at the entrance area. An annoying oversight that staff should really be sure to handle properly by fully informing people arriving at the park where everything is situated.

In the changing area, we struggled to find a changing cubicle with a working lock. Shoddy quality of door locks needs looked at. However, the electronic locker system is very good and work well.

No outside food or drink at all is allowed inside the park and bags are searched. Food and drinks are available inside – at a premium price, of course.

The children’s area is great and all the kids seemed to be having a ball. The rides for adults and big kids were great too. We certainly had fun at the park.

That said, some of the ride attendants are unnecessarily rude and seem to get frustrated at people taking too long to go down the slides. Not very professional and especially annoying when you’re simply trying to ensure you are being safe.

We got a taxi up the hill to the park and walked back down, which took about 20 minutes to get back to the Old Town centre.

A brilliant place for families and kids. But just be prepared for some irritations that could easily be fixed if the Aquapark owners just thought about it properly.

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