Pixies, EP3

After the brilliance of both EP1 and EP2, the great alt-rock heroes Pixies have issued the third in what is a trilogy of vinyl releases of new material.

And it has to be said, EP3 fails to live up to the standard set by the earlier two in the series – although only just.

In fact, opening track Bagboy is arguably the best song across all three EPs. It’s experimental and tinged with electro influence, yet still sounds unmistakably like the Pixies. Black Francis’ howls of “Bagboy” as the song reaches its climax are as epic as he’s ever sounded, while Joey Santiago and Dave Lovering are on the form of their lives.

It’s the other three tracks that let this particular collection down somewhat. Silver Snail is decent enough, but is a little too rock-by-numbers. And Ring The Bell is a throwaway indie effort that doesn’t quite hit the mark.

Final track, Jamie Bravo, is altogether forgettable.

Still, treat this as a single (Bagboy) with three new B-sides and you won’t be disappointed.

We’re loving having the Pixies back and making new music. Here’s hoping they keep it up, even with Kim Deal still conspicuously missing in action.

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