Loyiso Gola, Edinburgh Assembly George Square

South African comic Loyiso Gola doesn’t have to wait very long for his first laugh.

Just popping his head through the door of the sparsely populated venue is enough to get the audience giggling.

It helps that he’s huge, around 6ft 6in, so his head appears to hover just under the door frame.

He wears a look of surprise which, he later reveals, is more down to the fact that anyone turned up to his show Professional Black at all.

In his homeland, Gola commands sold-out arenas and fronts his own satirical news TV show.

But in Edinburgh, he’s just another comedian looking for his big break.

Despite the small crowd, Gola is charming and engaging. He is clearly thrilled to perform for a crowd who know nothing of his success back home.

His tales of growing up under apartheid are heartwarming and hilarious without relying on stereotypes.

There are laughs aplenty when he asks each audience member why they came to his show, and one lady replies: “On your poster, you look like someone we work with.”

He’ll take that for now – but just don’t expect to get a seat so easily next year.

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